AI toolkit to transform remote wound care

Australian Telehealth company Coviu is leading the development of an AI digital toolkit for managing wound care, allowing health care professionals to manage care remotely through virtual consultations.

Coviu will collaborate with CSIRO, The University of Sydney, Australian Unity, Western NSW Primary Health Network and The University of Technology Sydney. The new suite of digital tools will provide a one-stop-shop for clinicians caring for wounds, which have become even more acute during the pandemic, especially in regional areas where there are workforce shortages.

Practicioners can easily analyse and monitor wounds remotely through the AI-powered mobile imaging. It will also help them to make decisions about wound management, especially determining changes that might indicate infection and a patient's body reaction to a wound or medication.

The challenge is especially widespread in residential aged care facilities as older people are more susceptible to chronic wounds due to their comorbidities and age-associated factors such as frail skin. Coviu raises the concern over the lack of expert and specialist wound support in Australia's aged care sector, particularly in rural and far-flung areas where there are challenges to care access and healthcare workforce shortages

The wound care digital toolkit gives practitioners an enormous opportunity to make a difference to the health and quality of life of aged care residents. It will support clinicians, such as GPs, to make data-informed clinical decisions for wound care during a telehealth video call.

The technology is being co-designed with consumers and clinicians and will be tested with residential aged care facilities in Victoria and NSW. Part of this testing involves assessing how the technology can best be rolled out and integrated into routine healthcare.

Digital Wound Care Toolkit will be develop in the beginning of 2022 and will available through the Coviu platfom in 2026.