First large volume manufacturing of wearable medical devices in Australia

Compumedics, a Melbourne-based medical technology company, will locally manufacture its world-first Somfit medical-grade wearable monitoring device in Abbotsford, after a decade of manufacturing offshore.

Compudemics was founded in Melbourne in 1987 and is now a global market leader of medical technology for sleep and brain diagnostics supplying researchers, universities and hospitals across Australia and around the world.

Somfit is a small, affordable, cloud-based patient monitoring system worn on the forehead, chest and wrist that remotely monitors medical and sleep conditions.

It will give hospitals and health facilities the ability to remotely monitor patients with medical conditions including non-hospitalised COVID-19, mental health disorders and occupational health needs at home – freeing up public hospital beds and health professionals’ time.

The Victorian Government is driving growth in Victoria’s medical technology manufacturing sector through the $2 billion Breakthrough Victoria Fund and the $20 million Australian MedTech Manufacturing Centre to be established in Melbourne.

It has supported Compumedics to establish a series of automated production lines at its global headquarters in Abbotsford, allowing the company to expand its manufacturing capabilities.

The project is the first large volume manufacturing of wearable medical grade technology in Australia.

Producing Somfit in Victoria will expand the state’s advanced manufacturing capabilities.

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